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72616 Orthotics

Custom Orthotics in 72616

72616 orthotics

72616 orthotics

Foot pain can be caused by many different things. However, not all sources of foot pain are due to injury, and can be a result of a foot condition or deformity. Luckily, many foot conditions can be treated by receiving custom 72616 orthotics from Ozark Foot & Ankle, PLC.

For those patients with painful conditions such as flat feet, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, and neuromas, we offer 72616 orthotics. Our orthotics are the new generation of orthotics. They are shorter, narrower, and fully prescribed to your foot type and each foot and fit all shoe types. Our orthotics also improve balance and performance in addition to reducing stress up the posture to the lower back. Orthotic therapy works by aligning and supporting the foot or ankle, which can prevent, correct, or better accommodate deformities. This is done by slightly altering the angles at which the foot strikes a walking or running surface. Furthermore, orthotics improve the overall function of the foot or ankle, further treating an abnormal or irregular walking pattern.

At Ozark Foot & Ankle, PLC, we view the person as a sum of all the body parts. For example, we will not treat just the foot as a foot problem but we will address other aspects of the body which have a correlation. This allows us to treat the whole body, not just the foot or the ankle. We can treat the problem at the core, not just take away the symptoms of it. Your treatment may be as simple as custom 72616 orthotics. By making Ozark Foot & Ankle, PLC your destination for all your podiatry problems, you’ll be one step closer to having healthy and happy feet, ankles, and legs. Call our office today to schedule an appointment!

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