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Sports Related Foot Injuries in Fayetteville

Treatments for sports related foot and ankle injuries

If you’re a recreational or professional athlete, we don’t have to tell you how important your feet are to doing what you love. We at Ozark Foot & Ankle, PLC are here to help you rid yourself of the pain that foot or ankle injuries can cause. This may require surgery in some cases, but other times, sports related foot injuries in Fayetteville can be addressed with orthotics or physical therapy, for example.

Maintaining healthy feet can be a challenge when you are athletic. After all, your feet take the brunt of pressure when you run or jump. So unfortunately, foot and ankle injuries are not uncommon. Foot injuries can originate in the toes, the ball of the foot, or even the instep. But most often, it happens in the heel. This can be due to plantar fasciitis, which is an inflammation of the tissue that connects your heel bone to the toes, or it could also be heel spurs. This happens when you get abnormal bone growth in your heel bone. With any sports related foot injuries in Fayetteville, you’ll want to have it evaluated by a doctor who specializes in sports medicine.

Among ankle injuries, sprains are the most typical. Even non-athletes suffer with ankle sprains at a frequent rate. About 25,000 of them occur in America every single day. Sometimes, however, it is more serious than a sprain. You might have a fracture. Shin splints, caused by overuse of muscles that leads to swelling or irritation are also one of the sports related foot injuries in Fayetteville that we treat.

What you don’t want to do is ignore the problem. A little pain today could mean major pain tomorrow. You can’t simply “walk off” a serious foot or ankle problem. And a hairline fracture can easily turn into a complete fracture if you don’t get it examined and treated in a timely manner. Certainly, being on the sidelines, unable to engage in your sport of choice, can be very frustrating. But our goal is to have you active again as quickly as possible with a healed foot or ankle. So call us when you have sports related foot injuries in Fayetteville. You’ll be glad that you did.



Sports Related Foot Injuries in Fayetteville

Sports Related Foot Injuries in Fayetteville





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