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Have you suffered an injury during your favorite sport or even from simply exercising that simply just won’t quit? Do your feet constantly feel sore and achy, no matter how many different types of comfortable shoes you try to wear when you’re on the go? Or are you simply concerned about the long term effects which living with diabetes can have on your body? No matter what problem you are having with your feet, you do not need to suffer in silence. You can always find the care you need from the experts at your local Fayetteville podiatrist of Ozark Foot & Ankle PLC.

Foot Care Fayetteville

Foot Care Fayetteville

Whether you are a professional athlete, casual sports enthusiast, or simply love to stay active, your feet can be subject to injuries from overuse or simply an accident on the trailhead or on the field. If you are new to a sport or just getting back on track with a healthy lifestyle, your trusted Fayetteville podiatrist can actually work with you to prevent injuries from ever happening to you. For those who have sustained an injury to the foot, our team can assist you with the care you need to stay in the game, whether you need simple orthotics to adjust your body for a healthy gait or advanced surgery to correct a heel spur and even replace joints.

There is no such thing as a small problem when it comes to your feet. What can begin as a small bump can turn into a painful bunion which can make walking so difficult that it may require minor surgery in order to remove. If you are suffering from a painful and swollen toe, this may be from more than a physical injury, but is in fact the cause of an ingrown toenail in many cases. An open wound such as this can also make your feet more likely to develop a fungal infection that should be treated as soon as possible by your professional Fayetteville podiatrist. Our doctors also provide state of the art care for diabetic foot problems with blood control assistance to keep these complications from happening to you, as well as providing the immediate care which these problems need to stop harm from happening to your body.

No matter what level of care you need for your feet, be it hammertoes and corns or orthotics and tendonitis treatment, you can always find the procedures you need to get you back on your feet from your neighborhood Fayetteville podiatrist. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at the offices of Ozark Foot & Ankle PLC proudly provide on-site x-rays and clinical care to the feet and ankles of patients of all ages to insure our patients are healthy and fit from head to toe.

Foot Care Fayetteville
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