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Foot Wound in Fayetteville

Treating foot wounds and injuries in Fayetteville

Foot wound in Fayetteville

Foot wound in Fayetteville

If you need treatment of a food wound or foot injury you will want to get the services of an expert podiatric physician and surgeon. If you have a foot wound in Fayetteville that needs attention, you should contact our office, Ozark Foot & Ankle, PLC, for an immediate appointment.

Our highly trained podiatric physician and surgeon is Dr. James J. Brantley. If you need any type of podiatric care, he is the best person to see. People with diabetes know the importance of staying on top of any type of foot injury or foot wound. Some people with diabetes have poor circulation in their feet. For this reason it can be difficult to treat a foot wound effectively. The reduced amount of blood flow to the area will make it more difficult for a foot wound to heal. For this reason diabetics are strongly encouraged to always closely monitor their feet to make sure that there are no pending foot problems. If there are any, such as a foot wound in Fayetteville, they should come in for immediate treatment. When it comes to diabetes and foot problems, an ounce of prevention is well worth a pound of cure.

A foot wound in Fayetteville is not the only thing that a person with diabetes should watch out for. During a diabetic foot exam, our doctor will also look out for other potential problems such as corns, callouses and toenail fungus. Any of these problems can cause serious situations for people with diabetes. Our doctor will also stress to diabetics the importance of keeping blood sugar levels low. When this is done the chance of experiencing any serious foot health problems from diabetes are greatly reduced. This includes developing problems with foot wounds. Diabetic foot problems that can include wounds, infections and gangrene are the most common reasons that diabetic patients are hospitalized. So, if you are a diabetic and you see that you have a foot wound, waste no time in contacting our office. But then you should relax knowing that you will be expertly treated by one of the finest podiatric foot doctors around, and that your foot wound will be given the best chance of healing completely.

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