Urgent foot care in Fayetteville

Urgent Foot Care in Fayetteville

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Emergency foot care in Fayetteville

Foot care is not a type of medical care people think of often, but it should be something that people keep in mind. Paying attention to the way that your feet look and feel, and noting any instances of pain or discomfort, as well as accidents or injuries, can help you know exactly when you may need to seek out urgent foot care in Fayetteville. Here at Ozark Foot & Ankle, PLC, we offer a wide range of podiatric services, including emergency foot care for special circumstances and other urgent needs.

Changes in the appearance or shape of your feet may be cause for alarm, whether it is in the texture of the skin or the way your toe joints look or operate. Fungal infections like athlete’s foot can be irritating, itchy, and contagious, and issues concerning deformities like bunions and hammertoes can become so severe that they eventually need emergency care. If you notice any sudden symptoms, especially those pertaining to pain, you need to make sure you see a foot specialist right away. Another obvious reason for urgent foot care in Fayetteville may include injuries like sprained, fractured, twisted or broken feet and ankles. Broken or damaged bones need to be tended to immediately so they can heal properly and so that lifelong issues are avoided. If you want your recovery to be 100% successful, you need to seek emergency care. If you have diabetes, you may be at a greater risk for foot infections, where urgent care may also be needed. Here at Ozark Foot & Ankle, PLC, our podiatric physician and surgeon Dr. James J. Brantley, D.P.M., J.D. can provide the proper in instances where emergency treatment is required, making sure that you recover properly as well.

If you need urgent foot care in Fayetteville, then visit us here at Ozark Foot & Ankle, PLC. You can find our offices at 2828 East Millennium Place in Fayetteville AR, open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.

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