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Springdale Podiatry Office

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Wound Care in Springdale

A foot wound is not necessarily an urgent matter, unless it is not healing properly, is particularly large or seems infected, or you have an underlying condition that would make any foot wound a potential hazard. Here at Ozark Foot & Ankle, PLC, we’re dedicated to attentive foot care, including in addressing wounds.

Even wearing shoes, your feet are vulnerable to being harmed. But when you’re barefoot, you are even more susceptible. Of course, open-toed shoes also expose the upper portion of your foot (and your toes), making the chances of a cut, scrape, bruise, or infection more likely than if your foot were completely covered. Whenever you suffer a foot wound, make an assessment. Most of them will only require that you clean and disinfect it, and then cover it with an adhesive bandage or other type of dressing that may be appropriate. Contact our Springdale podiatry office immediately if you are diabetic (type 1 or type 2), you have nerve damage (neuropathy), or you have another disease or condition that makes it difficult for you to heal or for your blood to clot. Likewise, if the injury is a serious one, you should not wait it out. But even a seemingly simple wound that causes you no immediate concern should be looked at by our Springdale podiatry office if it is taking too long to heal. And anytime you notice swelling, signs of inflammation, or you begin to experience pain where there was none previously, that is a wound for which you need expert foot care. Don’t go to your primary care doctor. Get the attention of our specialist.

Our Springdale podiatry office is here when you need us. Please contact us so that we can set up a prompt appointment for you to come in and have your foot wound examined.

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