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Heel pain treatments in Springdale

Springdale podiatrist
Springdale podiatrist

Ozark Foot and Ankle PLC is a Springdale podiatrist specializing in all aspects of foot care. Our heel pain treatments can be done right on site, and with minimally invasive techniques. Heel pain can stem from a number of different reasons, and our main goal is to keep the patient out of pain and have them back on their feet as quickly as possible. Heel pain sometimes happens due to issues such as plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, fractures, sprains and other reasons.

If you have a foot emergency, call our Springdale podiatrist immediately so that we can try to get you in for an appointment as soon as possible. Patients who wake up in the morning and feel pain upon standing or walking right away may have something called plantar fasciitis, which happens commonly. Ankle and foot pain can be debilitating and cause trouble walking and wearing shoes. Flat feet and high arches can also aggravate the condition. Treatment for heel pain and foot issues includes stretching, icing, modifications to shoes such as orthotics and weight maintenance.

Because the foot is constantly under enormous stress and can be subject to injury, it is especially susceptible to injury. The foot absorbs large impacts in sports, and the most common cause of sports injuries to the foot is usually trauma. Overuse and intense workouts can cause injury, as well as improper footwear. If you have suffered a foot injury such as a sprain or breakage, call our offices immediately for emergency care. We recommend surgery only if it is the last or best option, or for emergencies. Some types of therapy and surgeries can be performed at our offices by our Springdale podiatrist. Others may be referred to other specialists if needed. However, our offices are a one stop office for all your foot care needs and we welcome any patient into our offices for treatment.

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