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Affordable Foot Doctor in Fayetteville

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Affordable Foot Care in Fayetteville

Affordable Foot Doctor in Fayetteville
Affordable Foot Doctor in Fayetteville

Affordable foot care means that you can take advantage of treatment for conditions, ailments, and infections that affect any and all parts of your foot without having to strain your budget. At Ozark Foot & Ankle, PLC, we’re pleased to be your specialists for everything from bunions and heel pain to foot surgery, and more.

What happens when you have pain in your foot? Well, for one thing, you will find it difficult to walk, let alone jump, run, or play your favorite sport. In some cases, pain can be severe enough that even putting on your shoes is a chore that seems impossible to perform. Our affordable foot doctor in Fayetteville will diagnose, evaluate, and offer treatment for the problem you’re facing. Very often, the heel is where pain strikes. This can be due to heel spurs, which are calcium deposits that appear on the underside of your foot; or plantar fasciitis, the inflammation, swelling, and even tearing of the connective tissue between your heel and toes. Pain may also develop in your ankle, instep, the ball of your foot, or your toes. Ingrown nails on your toes, which occurs when the nail grows into instead of over the skin, can cause more pain than their nature might indicate. Your toes are also where a bony protrusion called a bunion may form, or one of your toes become stuck in the bent position, or what is known as hammertoe. Our affordable foot doctor in Fayetteville also provides care for the effects of diabetes on your feet, and injuries. Ankle sprains, bone fractures, and other problems are handled with expert and gentle attention.

Reach out to us to make an appointment to be seen by our affordable foot doctor in Fayetteville. Healthy and pain-free feet make a big difference in your life.

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