Foot care associates in Fayetteville

Foot Care Associates in Fayetteville

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Diabetic foot wounds in Fayetteville

Foot care associates in Fayetteville
Foot care associates in Fayetteville

Does your diabetes leave you suffering from foot pain or discomfort? At Ozark Foot & Ankle, PLC, we take pride in our position among the best diabetic foot care associates in Fayetteville and are happy to offer you the treatment you need in a pleasant, family-friendly environment of community professionals that you can trust.

Ozark Foot & Ankle, PLC is dedicated to treating our patients with the full-service foot care they need to free themselves from the discomforts of foot, ankle, and heel pain. We offer a variety of special treatments to our patients suffering from foot issues stemming from diabetic conditions. We understand that these patients know all too well the consequences that their metabolic disease can have on their feet. These include poor circulation, numbness and burning, foot ulcers, loss of balance and strength, infections, and even severe gangrene that necessitates amputation of the foot. If you suffer from any or all of these ailments, know that the skilled professionals at our office are here to help. We provide comprehensive diabetic foot care for wounds and other diabetes related issues, starting with determining how your Diabetes has affected your feet, Our foot care associates in Fayetteville then use this information to create a personalized treatment program tailored to your particular condition that will help to mitigate and reverse your ailments, all while preventing future ailments from developing later. We understand that good podiatry has always played an important part in the maintenance and enhancement of a diabetic person’s health, and we’re happy to team up with our patients’ internists and endocrinologists in our efforts to help those patients meet their health goals. We also recommend that all diabetics participate in a podiatry exam at least once every year.

Wondering what Ozark Foot & ankle, PLC has to offer in terms of your diabetic foot wound care? Don’t hesitate- give us a call and book an appointment with one of our skilled foot care associates in Fayetteville today.

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