Roger AR foot doctor

Roger AR Foot Doctor

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Foot surgery in Roger AR

Roger AR foot doctor
Roger AR foot doctor

If you need foot surgery, and are looking for an excellent foot doctor and surgeon, you should make an appointment to come in to see us at our foot care practice, Ozark Foot & Ankle, PLC. Our Roger AR foot doctor, Dr. James J. Brantley, is a highly respected podiatric physician and surgeon.

At our office, our Roger AR foot doctor treats a wide range of foot care problems. Problems our foot Dr. treats range from bunions to flat feet to plantar warts. Our foot doctor will always keep our patients informed about their specific foot diagnosis, and let the patient know what recommendations are being made for proper treatment. Our foot doctor will always try to use non-invasive methods, whenever they are considered to be the best first option of treatment. If conservative treatments prove to not solve the foot problem, or if foot surgery is clearly the best option, our foot doctor will recommend that surgery is performed. Of course, the final decision on treatment will rest with the patient, as he or she chooses from the treatment options presented. If you have an injured or deformed foot, our podiatrist can provide foot surgery when it is the best way to correct your foot condition. The surgery that our foot doctor performs will most effectively correct your problem while minimizing any pain or inconvenience to you. If you need a minor foot surgery, it can be performed at our office. Other foot surgeries that our podiatrist performs are done on an outpatient basis at one of our area hospitals. Among the foot surgeries that our podiatrist provides are: bunion surgery; joint replacement surgery; heel pain surgery; hammertoe surgery; toe alignment surgery, and surgery to correct diabetic complications or arthritic conditions.

For an appointment to meet with our highly regarded Roger AR foot doctor, contact us today.

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