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Bunion Doctor in Fayetteville

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Best Foot Doctor in Fayetteville

Bunion Doctor in Fayetteville
Bunion Doctor in Fayetteville

If you have bunions on your feet that have become painful, you should visit our podiatric doctor at Ozark Foot & Ankle, PLC. Our bunion doctor in Fayetteville, Dr. James J. Brantley, will provide you with the expert care that you need so that your bunions will not interfere with your everyday life and cause you any more foot pain.

A bunion is a problem that generally occurs by the big toe. This type of foot deformity can be caused by several types of problems. It is often believed that people can inherit bunions, however this is not exactly true. People can inherit a specific type of foot structure which makes them more likely to develop bunions. If you have a small bunion on your foot and it is not causing you any type of foot pain, there is no need to come in to see our bunion doctor in Fayetteville. However, if you want to make sure that a bunion does not become larger, or a bunion is becoming painful, it is important that you see our podiatrist in a timely basis. This way our podiatrist can treat your bunion and hopefully keep it from enlarging to the point where you will need foot surgery. Most bunions will become worse over time. Although no one is able to predict the course that the bunion will take, and how bad it will actually become. A bunion can be very unsightly, and make it painful for some of our patients to wear certain shoes. Additionally, when a patient has a bunion, it is common for arthritis to set in. Sometimes, patients with bunions our no longer able to wear attractive shoes, or find shoes anywhere near their regular shoes size which are comfortable. Our foot doctor will carefully assess your bunion problem and let you know which type of treatment is best. If foot surgery is eventually needed, our foot doctor can expertly provide this surgery for you.

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