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Bunion Doctor in Fayetteville

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Foot care in Fayetteville

Bunion doctor in Fayetteville
Bunion doctor in Fayetteville

Bunions, those small and bony protrusions that appear at the base of your big toe at the point where it attached to the foot, can range from being just bothersome to being very painful. Here at Ozark Foot & Ankle, PLC our bunion doctor in Fayetteville will evaluate your problem and then offer treatment and management solutions to address it. When dealing with bunions, the first order of business is to eliminate it along with any pain that you’re experiencing. As soon as that is accomplished, the next step is to generate a good strategy for preventing bunions from growing in the future.

You might be wondering what is the cause of bunions, and the answer is that too much pressure is put on the big toe. Various things can be responsible for that pressure, with the most common being the type of shoes that you wear, the way you walk, and having flat feet (a circumstance that is not in your ability to control). Women tend to get bunions more frequently than men do, and that’s not because they are more prone to it by virtue of their biology, but rather that women are far more likely to wear shoes that are tight around the toes. A bunion may start out not bothering you at all, but that can change. And if it does, you will need to call and schedule an appointment with our bunion doctor in Fayetteville.

The type of treatment that is most appropriate will depend on the severity of your bunion. For example, for mild to moderate discomfort, you may be advised to wear bunion pads or arch supports, both of which serve to redistribute the weight on your foot. It’s always a good idea to switch to wearing more comfortable and supportive shoes, if you have not already done so. In the more severe cases, our bunion doctor in Fayetteville may have to recommend surgery, but it is always the goal to use non-invasive methods whenever possible. Don’t ignore your bunion, though. Even if it’s causing you no problems right now, it is best to tackle it in a timely manner so that you can avoid the more extreme consequences.

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