Bunions in Springdale

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Bunions in Springdale

Bunions in Springdale

Small boney protrusions that can appear at the base of the big toe are called bunions. They occur at the juncture where the joint of the big toe attaches to the rest of your foot. And although they are little, they are known to cause big pain. If you have bunions in Springdale, be sure to call us her at Ozark Foot & Ankle, PLC. Our foot doctor will offer you treatments both to ease the pain you feel and to eliminate the bunion completely.

Bunions originate because too much pressure is being put on your big toes. Where does that pressure come from? Usually, it’s because of the type of shoes you wear, the way you walk, or due to having flat feet. Women are more likely to get bunions in Springdale than men are, but that’s not due to any predisposition. It’s because women more frequently wear high heels and footwear that is too tight around the toes, thereby leading to the formation of bunions.

It can be difficult to walk when you have bunions in Springdale. In fact, if the pain is bad enough, even standing might be a challenge. When bunions are affecting your ability to live your life, call us and book an appointment with our foot doctor. A diagnosis will be followed by options for addressing it that are safe, effective, and quick. The ideal choice of treatment depends on severity. Mild cases might be best served with a change to more comfortable shoes. Bunions and arch pads, which act to redistribute the weight on your foot, can ease the problem and are more suitable for moderate to severe cases.

If your bunions in Springdale don’t respond to any of those methods, surgery might be required. It’s a last resort, but if you do need to have it done, you can rest assured that it’s a simple procedure that our foot doctor is highly skilled and experienced in performing. Regardless of what treatment is decided upon, it’s also a good idea to be proactive in preventing the formation of more bunions in the future. Our office will provide valuable tips to help you stay bunion-free.

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