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Bunion Doctor in Springdale AR

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Springdale foot doctor

Bunion doctor in Springdale AK
Bunion doctor in Springdale AK

Many of us are on our feet every day and may not quite realize just how much we put our feet through on a daily basis. Whether you are a particularly active person, have a physically demanding job, or if you simply run a lot of errands, just as anyone would, then you likely rely on your feet in order to get you from place to place. There are plenty of things and he happened to your feet and you may not notice exactly just how much you use them until something happens or you begin to experience some form of pain. Some foot related issues occurred due to deformities and other problems, such as the keys with bunions. You are in need of a bunion doctor in Springdale AR, then we here at Ozark Foot & Ankle, PLC can help.

Constantly being on your feet can cause a great deal of different problems. Some people experience heel pain or suffer from other conditions that may occur as a result of information and overuse. Your choice of footwear makes a huge impact on your overall foot health, and sometimes wearing shoes that are too narrow or do not fit properly can cause deformities such as bunions. This is not the only cause for this condition however, as many people are genetically predisposed to bunions and they have this condition for other reasons, though in proper footwear is often a leading factor. A bunion is a deformity that occurs when the joint of the big toe begins to drift outward due to friction and pressure. As this continues over time, the width of the foot will widen and your big toe will begin to point inward, and it may even overlap or jut into your second toe. This condition can be quite painful, especially in particularly advanced cases. Here at Ozark Foot & Ankle, PLC our bunion doctor in Springdale AR can help. Depending on the severity of your bunion you may need a different form of treatment. Mild conditions may simply only require a change of footwear, shoe inserts or even custom orthotics. If your bunion is particularly severe and juts out a great deal from your foot, then you may need surgery in order to realign the joint.

If you notice the starting symptoms of a bunion, the sooner you have it treated the more likely you will be able to avoid surgery and the pain that comes along with an advanced bunion. If you are in need of a bunion doctor in Springdale AR, your condition is mild or severe, please call us here at Ozark Foot & Ankle, PLC and schedule your visit today.

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