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72764 podiatrist

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Treatments for sports related foot and ankle injuries

72764 podiatrist
72764 podiatrist

Our feet and ankles take a beating, supporting our weight and carrying us around all day. The wear and tear on our feet can take its toll and every now and then even the sturdiest of feet need some attention. If you find your gait dragging, you can bring your feet, or perhaps your feet will bring you, to our 72764 podiatrist, James J. Brantley, D.P.M. We provide comprehensive podiatric medical and surgical services at our 3 convenient office locations.

While our 72764 podiatrist practice offers a comprehensive range of podiatric services to patients of all ages, one of our specialties is in the diagnosis and treatment of sports related injuries of the foot and ankle. With more children playing sports in and after school and more adults remaining physically active even in their senior years the incidence of sports related injuries has increased. Our practice has a great deal of experience and expertise in treating foot and ankle problems for the occasional sports participant, the weekend warriors and even the professional athlete. We provide treatment for all types of sports related injuries from sprained ankles, to fractures, stress fractures, shin splints and other overuse conditions, to heel pain and injuries, tendonitis and pulled tendons.

Our 72764 podiatrist doesn’t just offer services that react to treat sports injuries, our practice is also extremely proactive in its programs of prevention. Our special sports medicine care is geared to helping our patients who like to engage in sports activity to prevent sudden injuries or injuries resulting from overuse of their feet and ankles. Whether you are a weekend warrior, school athlete or a Superbowl champ Dr. Brantley and our practice’s staff can develop a prevention program to help your feel stay in championship form. Whether you’re having foot and ankle trouble from a sports related injury, or any other reason, or you want to prevent these kinds of injuries and want to keep your feet feeling great please try an appointment. You’re feet might just take you somewhere special to thank you.

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